Looking For A Growing Market? Look No Further Than Your City’s Trash Can

The European smart waste sensor market is expected to grow 29.8% annually through 2025. For the rest of the world it’s 36.5%. Smart waste sensors are sufficiently evolved to allow cities to affordably install them and provide better, cheaper waste collection.  Imagine having a trash can fairy that tells you when to empty the trash. You don’t have to empty the containers until they are full but you can get there before they overflow. Perfect.

Wireless sensors make this possible. Major vendors include Compology, Big Belly and Enevo and their patent portfolios reflect their commitment. Big Belly leads in patent assets, followed by Enevo and Compology.  None of these companies appears to have taken financing recently, so shouldn’t we see some offerings soon? See who else is working to keep our cities clean by subscribing to the Patent Forecast® for Smart Cities: Emergency Services & Waste Management.