Forget Project Quantum, AMD Tackles Real Quantum Computing

Back in 2015, AMD, best known for designing GPUs competing with NVIDIA, announced a compact high-concept computer that could be used for gaming called Project Quantum. Despite there being very little news about the system in the following years, interest was revived when a design patent for the system was issued in September 2020, as shown below. Despite its name, Project Quantum was not proposed as a quantum computer and may instead have received its name due to the small size of the PC. However, an application published in June 2021 shows that AMD may have interests beyond classical computing. 

AMD’s application is for methods of routing qubits within the computer in order to perform error correction. What’s most telling about the application, however, may be its inventors. The inventors listed on the application are Majed Valad Beigi, Yasuko Eckert, and Dongping Zhang. According to her LinkedIn, however, while Dongping Zhang used to work at AMD, she left in 2016 and currently works at PsiQuantum. While Zhang’s contributions to the application may have been made before she left AMD, this raises the question of whether AMD currently has the necessary team to work on quantum projects.

It may not be time yet for Intel or Google to worry about AMD’s entry into the quantum computing sector, but Patent Forecast® will keep track of any future updates indicating AMD’s interest in the area. Follow those updates using the Quantum Computing Patent Forecast®!