C-P Flexible vs. NEXE – Compostable Coffee Pod Battle

As of June 2021, C-P Flexible Packaging has launched the first and only BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) certified compostable coffee pod lidding film for the newest generation of single-serve coffee makers. The technology is patent pending but there have been zero published patent documents related to the technology.  We have seen other companies like NEXE, formerly known as G-Pak technology, create compostable pods, but C-P is the first and only to have them officially certified by BPI. 

Not only is it certified by BPI, but it is the only BPI-certified lidding that works with new multi-prong technology used in the leading brand of single-serve coffee brewing machines. It allows several prongs to puncture the lidding without tearing, and multiple hot water streams to flow through which produces a more aromatic and flavorful coffee. 

As we have previously mentioned, NEXE has 10 patent applications filed compared to Keurig’s zero. This two-man race has now turned into a three-man race. NEXE and C-P both have zero published patent documents so currently it is anyone’s race. With BIP backing C-P, we should expect to see it come out on top. 

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