Track160 Secured the Funding but Is Falling Short on Exclusivity

With machine learning and AI being all of the craze now, it’s no surprise people from around the globe are finding implementations in sports. One of the more popular applications in sports, right now, is using machine learning to track players on the field without all of the need for expensive wearables and detectors by implementing deep learning into computer vision. In this space, Track160 is one of the more common names you come across, with proven success in fundraising rounds securing a $5 million investment during its Series A round, as detailed in a previous Patent Forecast® insight, but if it wants to keep the ball rolling as one of the leaders in the industry, it better start working on its patent portfolio as it is only assigned two (2) patent applications as of June 2021, leaving the company no enforceable exclusivity rights. 

Founded in 2017, Track160 is still in its early stages of development. So, not having much activity in the Patent Forecast® doesn’t come as too much of a surprise but, in an area as hot as AI, exclusivity is huge when it comes to bringing products to market. While it is possible some patent applications might have been filed with non-publication requests, the company should make sure not to neglect protecting its technology, especially considering the previous success they have had with raising funding, So far, Track160 has proven that they have a good idea, but the many other companies are taking the same route to try and solve it. While Track160 might be ahead of these start-ups now, it might want to consider setting aside some of its funds next round to strengthen its portfolio and better its position in the sector to make sure it stays ahead. Also, it should consider increasing its activity simply so it can raise more funding. Whenever it comes to high-tech solutions, it’s common for investors to dig a little deeper into their products if they know you have patents and enforceable exclusivity backing you.

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