NicoVentures – First Cannabis, Now Biodegradable Packaging!

Just last week (June 17, 2021), Patent Forecast® highlighted Nicoventures Trading Limited and its 29 published patent applications for oral tobacco alternatives comprising nicotine and cannabinoids. Now they also have a patent application directed to enhancing the biodegradability of a pouched product! 

Nicoventures Trading is not the first cannabis/tobacco company to be involved in both the Cannabis Patent Forecast® and the Biodegradable Packaging Patent Forecast®. Previously, Patent Forecast® highlighted PAQ HOLDINGS and its patent position over Sun Grown, MM Green, and Sana due to PAQ HOLDINGS patent for a biodegradable case use for cannabis. 14th round was also mentioned for its biodegradable packaging for cannabis applications.

In addition to potential competitors in the biodegradable packaging Patent Forecast®, Nicoventures has not had great success with enforcing its patents. In March of 2021, two of British American Tobacco’s patents for heat-not-burn tobacco products were ruled invalid for lack of inventive step and for added matter. It’ll be interesting to see how Nicoventures adapts its patent strategy moving forward. Nicoventures may be using its many filings to provide a “scattershot” approach to try and obtain a wide variety of patents. 

Nicoventures is targeting two hot markets, cannabis and biodegradable packaging, so it has many market and patent competitors that could be blockers on its path to success. Check out the Biodegradable Packaging Patent Forecast® to see what other companies are the biggest potential threats to Nicoventures.