Is Philips Still Interested in Improving Sleep? Patents Say Yes.

Philips has consistently been one of the most active companies in Consumer Sleep patenting, second only to Fitbit in the past 10 years. However, Philips is not so well-known when it comes to products for tracking and improving sleep. Its last major product announcement was in 2019, when it released a suite of SmartSleep solutions including a Deep Sleep Headband and a snoring relief band worn around the waist. Patent Forecast® data shows that Philips shifted away from Devices and Environmental Control and focused on Data Processing and Analytics from 2014-2018. Patent activity since 2019 suggests that the company is reinvesting in Devices. Philips’ most recent application, filed in December 2020, is directed towards audible sleep therapy, which is the underlying technology of its Deep Sleep Headband. Philips has also been patenting multi-sensory sleep devices involving haptics, electromagnetic, visual, and audio stimulation to improve sleep. We expect that new products for both Environmental Control (non-wearables) and Devices (wearables) will result from these patent investments, especially given Philips’ partnership with Beter Bed. Keep up with these companies and more on the Consumer Sleep Patent Forecast®.