Oura Leads Smart Ring Market. Fitbit Wants In.

Oura is the leading company when it comes to smart rings for consumer health. It raised $100M in early May of 2021 and has partnerships with numerous professional sports leagues. The ring has always been a product differentiator from popular smart watches and wristbands, but patent data suggests that Oura may be facing competition soon. Fitbit, owned by Google, filed a patent application for a ring that can measure biometric data that was published in June of 2021. The biometric data includes oxygen saturation, pulse, blood pressure, glucose levels, lipid concentrations, and carboxyhemoglobin levels, which are expanded functionalities not offered by the Oura ring. Of course, Fitbit has a much larger patent portfolio (223 patent assets to Oura’s 13), as well as access to Google’s API and partnership with Samsung. Oura, however, has earlier filing dates on a ring and certain metrics. Will Fitbit be able to enter the smart ring market? Patents suggest it’ll certainly try. Keep up with activity on the Consumer Sleep Patent Forecast®.