How Cognoa’s Use Of AI Is Transforming Diagnostic Procedure For Children

Cognoa is a pediatric behavioral health company developing diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for children living with behavioral health conditions. The company announced June 2nd, 2021 that the FDA granted its De Novo classification request for its autism diagnosis aid, referred to as Canvas Dx.

Canvas Dx is an AI-based system designed to equip physicians to efficiently diagnose autism in children at risk for developmental delay. It uses both caregiver information completed at home via an app and physician inputs to diagnose or rule out autism. Its machine learning algorithm enables faster and more accurate diagnosis, which is very important to the overall neurodevelopment and well being of the child.

The algorithm is also trained using diverse datasets in terms of race, gender, and education level in order to help physicians avoid the biases and disparities that currently exist in the autism diagnosis process. Furthermore, this system addresses the issues of lack of experts and access to facilities, which greatly hinders diagnosis for many children. These improvements are only the beginning of what using AI in diagnostics has to offer and exemplifies how it surpasses human ability and therefore will continue to be embedded into the healthcare system.

In addition to Canvas Dx, Cognoa has 7 patent assets in the AI Biotech Patent Forecast®. Most notably, Cognoa was issued a patent in March of 2021 relating to a system and method for using artificial intelligence to diagnose various developmental disorders. Since patent activity leads market activity, it is expected that Cognoa will soon come out with systems just like Canvas Dx to help physicians diagnose and treat other conditions, specifically the company wants to target ADHD, ADD, and anxiety in children.

Although Canvas Dx is a unique product, Cognoa is not the first company to work on AI that can detect behavioral and/or mental health conditions. As mentioned in a previous insight, Samsung has 6 patent assets relating to detecting a person’s mental state to assist with diagnosis. Big Health and Ellipsis are also rising competitors in the sector with patents relating to using AI to diagnose and treat mental health conditions. However, none of these competitors are marketing or gearing their products toward children. This seems to be the way in which Cognoa is squeezing itself into an already existing and quickly growing market.

To keep an eye on Cognoa and learn about other companies using AI to transform diagnostic procedures check out the AI Biotech Patent Forecast®!