Second Leading Assignee in Cannabinoid Biosynthesis Secures Series A Funding

The second leading assignee behind Teewinot Life Sciences Corp. in the cannabinoid biosynthesis space just secured its Series A funding and it’s more than likely because of its patent assets. CB Therapeutics of Carlsbad, CA closed an oversubscribed Series A funding round in May 2021 of an undisclosed amount funded solely from re.Mind Capital who looks to fund companies with technologies making an impact in global mental health. Since CB Therapeutics’ first patent application was filed in September 2017, it has begun building what is now the second largest IP portfolio in cannabinoid biosynthesis, owning four patent assets for producing cannabinoids in genetically transformed microbes like E. coli and yeast.
Owning IP assets attracts investors because they have a platform for monetization and investments in patents always leads market activity. 

We first highlighted the bio-engineering work of CB Therapeutics in a blog from January 2020. At that time, CB Therapeutics was one of the pioneers in cannabinoid biosynthesis which surely made it attractive to investors. We have seen Lygos acquire cannabinoid biosynthesizer Librede, another company among the initial companies in cannabinoid biosynthesis, to expand upon its product offerings. We expect the same outcome for CB Therapeutics soon which could be integrated into a multitude of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to food and beverage, especially since CB Therapeutics stays committed to its pursuit of patents. The latest patent asset to publish is for an isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding olivetolic acid cyclase polypeptide in a host organism (E. coli or yeast), which is the starting point for synthesizing all cannabinoids. CB Therapeutics will be a company to watch now that it has funding to conduct further research and manufacturing of cannabinoids and could now have the resources to take the lead from Teewinot Life Sciences, with a bit of diligence, who owns 12 patent assets in the cannabinoid biosynthesis space.  

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