Microsoft Takes A Nuanced Approach to AI Healthcare

Artificial intelligence has become an invaluable tool in neuroscience due to its ability to vastly improve our understanding of the human brain, and therefore make us better equipped to diagnose and treat neurological disorders. Emerging leaders in this area, and more specifically in the area of mental state detection within the AI Biotech Patent Forecast®, include AffectivaNuralogixEllipsis, and Cognoa.

In addition, Microsoft has shown an increase in focus on healthcare AI with the acquisition of Nuance in April 2021 and leading a $21M investment in Artificial’s lab automation platform in May 2021. Furthermore, Microsoft’s most recent patent activity shows it is particularly interested in AI for diagnosing and evaluating mental state. However, since Nuance does not have any patent assets in the sector and emerging competitors do, will Microsoft consider acquiring another company?

Unfortunately for Microsoft, Affectiva, which has 14 patent assets in the sector regarding their emotion and cognitive state detection software, was recently acquired by Smart Eye for $75.3M. However, Cognoa, Nuralogix, and Ellipsis are still developing revolutionary diagnostic technology for neurological conditions that would make great additions to Microsoft’s portfolio, and complement the AI software Nuance is bringing to Microsoft.

For example, Ellipsis has patented state of the art methods and systems for mental health assessment and created a voice-based app to assist healthcare providers with identifying and managing behavioral health. Similarly, Nuance has developed conversational AI for healthcare organizations. Therefore, combining the ability to diagnose or detect mental state with Nuance’s already existing technology could be used and expanded upon by Microsoft for countless applications both in and out of the healthcare industry.

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