Landis + Gyr Sees Electric Vehicle Charging Patents on the (H)Orison

Landis + Gyr, a Swiss-based company focused on smart meter technology, is taking its knowledge of load management and demand response technologies into new industries, specifically electric vehicles (EVs). The first sign of this expansion was a patent application from April 2020 claiming a method for purchasing on-demand power for an electric vehicle. Landis + Gyr sees this movement as a way to expand its coverage of smart infrastructure and grid management to the field of EVs. 

Landis + Gyr has since acquired True Energy, a Danish startup offering software and services surrounding optimized energy usage for EVs. True Energy has an app for smart charging, promoting demand response and flexibility programs to help maintain grid reliability and allow for peak shedding. Shortly after the acquisition of True Energy, in late April of 2021, Landis + Gyr announced its acquisition of a 75% share of Etrel, which will be complete in June of 2021. Etrel, headquartered in Slovenia, provides residential and public EV charging hardware and software solutions. These two recent acquisitions bolster Landis + Gyr’s position in the EV market as the company continues to drive demand response initiatives.

Despite now owning hardware and software solutions to EV charging, an important component is still missing: renewable energy storage, an issue highlighted in a recent insight titled Renewable Energy Patents Are Down – Which Foreshadows Shifts in Investment. But Why? Etrel emphasizes that EVs are not eco-friendly on their own, but rather are only as clean as the energy that powers them. In other words, in order to maximize the benefit of electric vehicles, they must be charged using renewable energy. Orison, a Wyoming-based company, could be just what Landis + Gyr and Etrel are looking for. Orison specializes in low-cost, scalable energy storage, primarily for homes. With increased capacity, these storage devices have potential for on-demand power for EV charging.

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