HERE Global and Bentley Systems Partner to Digitally Twin your Smart City

HERE Technologies, which has been investing heavily in smart city data collection, needed a way to display all that data to DOT personnel so they can better plan and use their infrastructure. Bentley Systems has been developing graphical methods to handle and display the massive amounts of infrastructure data and so it is partnering with HERE to provide the solution. DOTs can use Bentley’s Orbit application to quickly create accurate 3D representations using HERE’s LiDAR and imagery data. This partnership brings together expertise in Traffic Control Infrastructure, LiDAR imaging and digital twinning, all three available as patent forecasts. While HERE has a strong patent position in LiDAR and Smart Cities Traffic Control, it is absent in Digital Twinning. Bentley is filling that gap, with seven patent assets for infrastructure modeling starting from 2017.  See who else could use Bentley’s Orbit by subscribing to the Traffic Control and LiDAR Patent Forecasts®.