Goodyear Is Having A Great Year

In early June of 2021, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. purchased Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. Cooper was originally a competitor of Goodyear with complementary product portfolios, services, and capabilities. Goodyear can now expand its products and services through this purchase. Also, Goodyear service centers offer a wide range of services that include overall car maintenance. While Cooper Tire sells products and services through third party service centers. The purchase of Cooper Tire gives Goodyear an advantage by having the strength of its original equipment and premium replacement tires, along with the mid-tier power of the Cooper brand. 

It has been six months since Goodyear announced its strategic relationship with SafeAI, a software company that retrofits heavy machinery for autonomous applications, to introduce tire intelligence into the programming of autonomous heavy equipment vehicles. This will be used to record overall tire health that can identify and communicate worsening tire conditions before they cause maintenance issues that can lead to unplanned downtime. The testing is being done on a Caterpillar 725 ADT at a job site in Cupertino, California.

Both of these relationships strengthen Goodyear’s position in the global tire industry. Goodyear has published multiple patent assets consisting of temperature, tread, and load sensors. It seems as though many of the leading companies in this sector will head towards autonomy in construction and mining with Goodyear and SafeAI setting the standard for autonomous heavy equipment.

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