Buy vs Build IP strategy? Stats Perform does both.

Stats Perform is no newcomer to the sports analytics sector. As noted in multiple previous insights, it has set itself apart as being the premium data and AI analytics provider for sports leagues across the globe but wasn’t fairing so well in patents. Instead, Stats Perform appeared to rely on long-term partnerships to secure exclusivity, but something has seemed to change Stats Perform’s outlook on patenting as they approach becoming a top 5 assignee in the Sports Analytics Patent Forecast®.

So what does this mean? Well at first glance someone would just say that Stats Perform is filing more patents and while that might be true, it’s not the only factor. It appears most of the patents assigned to Stats Perform are actually a product of its recent acquisition of Thuuz Sports’ automatic highlight generation technology, the technology that helped Stats Perform to launch its most recent all-in-one broadcasting assistance platform, PressBox. From this, we can assume Stats Perform is combining both a build and buy approach to filling out its IP portfolio with slightly more buy than build. So, who could be its next target? 

Take one quick look at the Patent Forecast® and you’ll notice that Stats Perform is having success in all categories it appears to be interested in except for one, Image and Video Analysis. In this category, Stats Perform has had six (6) documents published over the past three years without being granted. While some of these documents may be awaiting examination still, Stats Perform might elect to acquire technology if it doesn’t have success soon. Of the companies active in the sector, GumGum and Second Spectrum both represent prime candidates for either partnerships or acquisition. Both have extensive portfolios that are predominantly localized to that Image and Video Analysis and have quite a bit less market presence.

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