The Future of Brain-Machine Interfaces – Emotiv and Interaxon

Mind reading may seem like a concept only of science fiction, but with emerging products and innovations in the brain-machine interface sector, fiction is quickly turning into reality. Emotiv is a major leader in this shift with a strong patent portfolio consisting of 18 patent assets. Emotiv’s most recent patent in this sector, issued March 2nd, 2021, relates to an algorithm that uses brain data to evaluate a user’s cognitive state and passively control apps in response. Along with this software, the company’s focus has been on creating wearable, easy-to-use wireless EEG systems that have a large variety of applications. The company was issued another patent in December 2020 for one of these systems. Therefore, Emotiv is poised with the tools and technologies to provide people assistance using only their thoughts and resulting brain data.

Interaxon is another emerging leader in this sector with two patents issued so far in 2021. The company’s newest product, Muse, is a comfortable headband that uses neuro-feedback to enhance meditation practice and promote healthy sleeping habits. In addition, the recent patents relate to other wearable devices. The most recent one encompasses a device capable of determining user-state and modifying a virtual reality environment in response. This demonstrates Interaxon is not only close to commercializing new products, but that these products can both acquire brain data and use it to read minds and incite a predicted response.

It is predicted that in the near future there will be an increase in demand for this technology for use during daily activities, as we can see that year-over-year investment in this sector has steadily increased.

This is in contrast with the past and current market, in which this technology has primarily been used for research and diagnosis. However, with technological breakthroughs, including the ones discussed above, this market will grow. Companies such as Emotiv and Interaxon are ready for this growth, and will certainly be worth keeping an eye on.

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