Kryo Expands Patent Portfolio

Half a year after merging with Ebb Therapeutics and raising $37M in funding, Kryo is further expanding its assets with five newly issued patents between April and May of 2021. The company is growing its portfolio by expanding into stress reduction and sleep promotion, taking a more active role in assessing and improving sleep. Competitors in temperature regulation and sleep monitoring include Eight Sleep and Philips Electronics, but Kryo’s assets have broader coverage. Philips received a patent in May 2021 for adjusting sensory stimulation during sleep; however, the company does not yet have consumer sleep products for regular use. Kryo sets itself apart by tackling sleep monitoring in combination with multiple types of environmental control, including audio, visual, scent, and electromagnetic stimulation along with its patented temperature control technology. We at Patent Forecast® certainly expect that these assets will lead to future market activity as the consumer sleep market grows. Follow which companies continue to expand and take advantage of their patent assets with the Patent Forecast®.