Pentagon says UAP videos are real – here’s how to spot more of them

The DoD has confirmed that videos and still images of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) released in April 2020 are real. The videos can be found here: (FLIR.mp4, GOFAST.wmv, GIMBAL.wmv).

Can these be alien ships? Let’s hope so. Do we want to be confined to our star system forever? We’ve gone from the Stone Age to the Space Age in about 4,000 years, so how far ahead of us are beings from other planets that emerged hundreds of thousands or even millions of years before us?

What to do? Why not get your own UAP/UAV detection system and keep track of your section of the sky? Eventually these individual systems will be networked into a larger system that will be able to verify where the objects came from and where they went. Discover who’s working in UAV detection by subscribing to the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Security and Defense Patent Forecast®.

For example, Digital Global Systems can monitor to determine if a UAP is emitting EMF, which a visual phenomenon would not do, and then identify the UAP using a library of known EMF emitters. Coupling EMF detection with visual sighting is a fast and easy way to eliminate hoaxes and validate real UAPs.