Dell Lags in Edge Computing – Partnership Might be an Option.

Dell is often touted as one of the leaders in the edge computing industry, and even recently discussed how edge computing was a major component in its future plans as a company with the release of their Streaming Data Platform. However, it doesn’t even reach the top twenty companies in the edge computing sector when looking at patents and patent applications. Notably, two of the issued patents it holds are in the blockchain category which offers a good position because of how open that space currently is, but when competing with companies like Intel and IBM it will need to find a way to keep pace with the amount of applications those companies are outputting.

It seems likely, given the size of Dell and how many startups are working within the edge computing sector, that Dell will be on the hunt for someone to acquire to boost its patent portfolio. While it may not be on the scale of its VMware deal with EMC, Dell does have the cash reserves to spend to grow its footprint in edge computing. The most interesting part of any deal will be whether Dell will continue to expand in the blockchain category or if it will try to push against the leaders in non-blockchain like Intel and Cisco.

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