Angular Velocity Angling for the US Market

Angular Velocity is new to the US patent space, but not to patents nor the sports analytics market. The company provides a unique API to see athletes’ performance data and provides data to TV broadcasters. Angular Velocity specializes in bowling and curling systems as well as LiDAR systems for Olympic events such as triple jump, long jump, high jump, pole vault, sprints, hurdles, shot put, hammer, discus and javelin.

With its recent patent publication and trademark for SPECTO Athletics®, the Finnish company has made a statement that it is targeting the US market. Although it has only obtained €50,000 in funding, Angular Velocity is invested in IP and has a PCT application in addition to its US filing. Furthermore, it has had commercial success in its short lifespan, with customers like World AthleticsEQTimingOlympic Training Center and SUL.

Although it does not have a large patent portfolio and it is not the first to track an athlete’s motion and provide real-time data (see SportsMEDIA Technology), there appears to be little competition with its LiDAR technology for monitoring and analysis of an athlete. Its successful use at the Olympic Training Center could provide a future opening for Angular Velocity to expand to the Olympics and/or other training facilities.  

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