AI is the Future for Surgery. Stryker Knows It.

It has been five years since Wright and Tornier merged and adopted the Wright Medical Group name. Stryker then acquired Wright Medical Group in 2020. The acquisition is an IP boon to Stryker, as Wright Medical had 16 patent assets publish in 2021, with a majority of them being filed in 2020. Wright’s patent growth may be the result of its 2017 acquisition of IMASCAP SAS, whose founder, Jean Chaoui has completed multiple projects in areas of image and biosignal processing, artificial intelligence and brain computer interface.

These assets, in addition to the acquisition of Brainomix in February 2021, indicate that Stryker is targeting artificial intelligence to help with an intelligent surgical planning system. Stryker is a major player in the medical technology company space but only has one patent document so far in the AI Biotech Patent Forecast®.  Given its recent actions, it is clear that Stryker believes that artificial intelligence is the future of surgery.  It is in a race for an artificial intelligence surgery system with Intuitive Surgical Operations (2 patent assets in 2021) as shown in the Patent Radian® below.

Don’t be surprised to see Stryker’s patent portfolio explode moving forward.  Check out the AI Biotech Patent Forecast® to see what other companies Stryker may acquire and if other medical companies begin to target artificial intelligence patent assets.