More Paper Water Bottles But Zero Patents. A Bit Risky.

Stora Enso is partnering with Pulpex to industrialize the production of eco-friendly wood fiber pulp paper bottles and containers. Pulpex claims to have produced the world’s first 100% PET free paper bottle so the product has a potential to be a market disruptor. Even though Stora Enso has the fifth most patent assets in the past three years of the Biodegradable Packaging Patent Forecast® (24 assets since the start of 2019), it does not have any patent assets directed towards a paper water bottle. Pulpex also does not have any patent assets towards a paper water bottle, thus leaving their partnership vulnerable to other companies.

In November of 2020, Patent Forecast® discussed Drop Water and its patent for a paper beverage container. In December of 2020, Patent Forecast® highlighted Coca-Cola’s partnership with Paboco and Paper Water Bottle’s patented technology. Good news for Stora Enso is that none of the other major companies currently have patent assets for paper water bottles. Bad news is that there are companies that could act as a blocker to Stora Enso and Pulpex, so they may need to license in the future or develop their own patent portfolio for the paper water bottle.

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