Dell, Vapor IO, and VMware Partner to Define the Cutting Edge in Edge Computing

Dell, Vapor IO, VMware, and a few other startups have all announced a partnership called the Open Grid Alliance. The goal of the Alliance is to define and standardize what a future edge-focused Internet could and should look like. This is a noteworthy collaboration effort to watch because the three major companies involved are all active with products and patents in edge computing. 

Vapor IO has been the focus of previous insights because of its competitive partnerships and strong positioning in the market. It also has a number of patent assets for blockchain-supported platforms. Dell may not be as formidable as it once was but still holds the cash reserves to make it a powerhouse in R&D. VMware is another strong technology company that will have no shortage of customers looking for edge computing products. Combined, those three companies only hold 28 patent assets, but the alliance is evidence of a dedicated focus on development in this market. The future patent activity of these three companies will be the best indicator of their vision for this new version of the Internet, so be sure to check out the Edge Computing Patent Forecast®.  Also, be sure to keep up with the insights for the sector as we watch out for any signs of new products from these three companies and analyze future shifts in the industry.