Velodyne and Ansys Collaborate to Solve A/V Edge Cases

If you’re following Autonomous Driving, you probably already know that Velodyne and Ansys are collaborating to integrate vehicle LiDaR into a driving simulator. This will allow engineers to rapidly model the numerous edge cases that are responsible for autonomous vehicle accidents.

Here’s what you won’t read anywhere else – WHY did these two companies collaborate? Not being an automobile manufacturer, Velodyne must serve multiple different types of vehicles to succeed, which means it’s going to have many more edge cases to deal with than automobile manufacturers who only have to concern themselves with their own vehicles. In that light, the LiDaR/Simulator collaboration makes great sense. It also positions them for applications other than automobiles, as LiDaR-based control is diffusing into many industries.

Veldodyne has a medium-sized LiDaR portfolio, as shown by the accompanying Patent Forecast® radian. The major automobile manufacturers, along with Waymo, clearly lead the way, but Velodyne appears to have adequate protection to prevent patent infringement claims against it and moreover is using its IP to force competitors to cross-license patents. Cross-licensing can fortify a smaller portfolio, but you need to have your own portfolio to play.

Ansys, on the other hand, has a significant portfolio in simulation technology, but nothing specifically related to automobile vision. It might be helpful for them to buy or license in this sector.

Explore Velodyne’s patent portfolio with the Automobile Vision: LiDaR Patent Forecast®.