A New Player Enters the Biodegradable Packaging Sector. Who Cares?

After officially being incorporated in August of 2020, Enlightened Product Solutions already has its first patent application for renewable sourced biodegradable polyolefin packaging.  Enlightened Product Solutions does not currently have a website nor is there any significant news about it. However, one of the listed inventors on the application makes the company a little more interesting.

Randy Soibel is a technical portfolio manager at Instant Brands, was a Product Development and Engineering Manager at World Kitchen, and was a New Product and Business Development Manager at Sunstar Americas. Soibel has experience in product development and developing and supporting new business opportunities. This provides a promising outlook for a company that has provided little indication of its direction.
Jonathan Tammara is listed as one of the officers of Enlightened Product Solutions and is related to Food Marketing Consultants, a freight shipping and trucking company. Food Marketing Consulting Inc. doesn’t have a website so this appears to be a common trait between the companies. Furthermore, Jonathan Tammara is President of San Bernardo Ice Cream, which will benefit from the biodegradable packaging for gelato trays described in Enlightened Product Solutions’ patent application. Tammara also founded New Day Care Products in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic because Tammara was having issues obtaining personal protective equipment.  Tammara appears to have success at developing companies to solve problems, which bodes well for Enlightened Product Solutions.

Enlighted Product Solutions is a relatively new company but is spearheaded by experienced and driven individuals and has ties to companies that already have established market positions and connections. Competitors should care because this management team has a track record of solving problems with innovative solutions. Their patents might block you in the future. Check Patent Forecast® to track companies such as Enlightened Product Solutions.