If Your Electric Car Runs out of Battery, You Might be Hoping There’s a KIA Nearby

What do you do if your electric car runs out of battery while on the road? Today, your only option is to call a tow truck. KIA/Hyundai wants to change that. They were issued a patent in March of 2021 for a wireless vehicle to vehicle charging method. A buyer vehicle can accept a charge amount at a certain price that a seller vehicle offers and begin the exchange. Traditional tether charging is also supported by the invention.

Kia/Hyundai have received 6 patents related to EV charging and are still seeking more. The most active in the EV charging space has been Non-Practicing Entity Elwha, which has 10 patents and more pending applications. Is Elwha seeking licensing opportunities? It may appear so at first glance, but Patent Forecast® subscribers know the real deal: this NPE is out of business.

The electric vehicle charging patent space is filling quickly with most, if not all, big name vehicle makers in the space such as Honda, BMW, Toyota and much more. V2V, V2I, V2X is all on its way to becoming an integral part of life. Do not miss out on the development of the EV charging patent space and explore our Energy Financial Settlements Patent Forecast®.