Mobileye, Transdev and Lohr Group to Shuttle

Mobileye is integrating its self-driving system into Lohr’s i-Cristal electric shuttle, to be guided around cities using Transdev’s Autonomous Transport System (ATS).

Patent Forecast data shows how Mobileye is concentrating its investments in patent assets on lane and road markings and obstacles.  This functionality is critical to autonomous vehicle navigation, so Mobileye is aggressively positioning to exclude competitors from it.  Mobileye has an overwhelming majority of patent assets in Image Recognition for Automobile Vision — 110 patents and 38 pending applications in the US alone.  The Patent Forecast visualization shows Mobileye domination continuing.

We previously mentioned Amazon’s acquisition of the Zoox shuttle, which can carry four passengers and travel up to 75 MPH (120 KPH). The i-Cristal shuttle, on the other hand, has room for 16 passengers but only travels up to 30 MPH (50 KPH). These differences in capacity and speed point to different target markets.

The partnership combines multiple technologies, including Mobileye’s image recognition, Transdev’s traffic control and Lohr Group’s electric-powered transportation.

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