Microsoft Quiet in Patents but Active in Acquisitions

Has Microsoft stopped inventing and now enters acquisition mode to innovate in edge computing?

Patent Forecast® data in the Edge Computing platform sector reveals Microsoft activity has shifted from build to buy.  With only 3 new inventions in Edge Computing from 2020, its exclusive positioning appears to be evaporating. But does Marsden Group fill that gap? On Tuesday, March 15, 2021, Microsoft announced the acquisition of the Marsden Group, claiming the purchase would allow customers to quickly find solutions for cloud and edge computing.

Was this a smart move, given Microsoft’s patent position? The Marsden Group is a contract developer and does not have any patents of its own in edge computing despite having worked with a number of large oil and tech companies. However, the company may still be equipped to develop new implementations of edge computing solutions for Microsoft. The Marsden Group has patent applications on LiDAR-based detection in vehicles, and Microsoft recently partnered with Cruise and GM to commercialize self-driving cars on the Azure platform. New development through this purchase may also lead to more infrastructure and implementation patents in the future for Microsoft.

Microsoft is estimated to have around $130 billion in cash on hand, making acquisitions a faster, more effective route to secure new exclusive rights and development than relying on internal R&D. Patent Forecast will explore M&A targets in Edge Computing in future insights.  Don’t miss out…

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