IGLOO Products is increasing its patent portfolio for biodegradable coolers. Should Vericool be worried?

While IGLOO Products is severely lacking in terms of patents, its long history and strong positioning in the market make it a potential disruptor for the biodegradable cooler industry.

With over 50 years of selling the Playmate cooler and partnerships with ASPCA®,  Disney, Pixar, the Surfrider Foundation, and others, IGLOO Products is an active market leader in the cooler market. However, until last year, IGLOO had zero patent documents directed towards a biodegradable cooler. As of March 2021, IGLOO has 4 patent documents directed towards biodegradable coolers, with 3 of those applications publishing in March! Whenever we see patent investment, we know market activity follows, and wouldn’t you know it, last week on March 10, 2021, IGLOO introduced their first cooler made with recycled plastic. This patent activity is behind companies such as Vericool and Simple Container Solutions (who we highlighted on October 8, 2020) that specialize in compostable coolers. Additionally, Vericool is helping with vaccine distribution  and has 23 patent documents in the past 3 years!.

IGLOO has the name recognition and market control while Vericool dictates the patent space and is continuously growing in size and recognition. Will these two companies be able to simultaneously compete? Or will one company attempt to acquire the other or set up a partnership?  It is currently unclear which route the companies may take, but don’t be surprised to see Vericool and Igloo Products in the news.

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