Bose Boasts Biotech that Sets It Apart

Bose Corporation has been a well-known leader in the audio industry for quite a while. However, in the past few years, we have seen the rise of other audio leaders competitors such as Apple and Samsung. While Bose has continued to develop industry-leading audio equipment, the patent data suggests that Bose is beginning to shift its research into the neuromodulation industry.

The most recent patent application from Bose Corporation (U.S. Pat. Pub. 20210069505) teaches a wearable device capable of AI-directed Vagus nerve stimulation. The ‘9505 application discusses the potential uses of the device to include relieving anxiety attacks and migraine headaches. Remaining loyal to its roots, the ear-worn device is also capable of producing high quality music to the wearer.

This is Bose Corporation’s third document in just over two years in the AI-Biotech: Neurology Sector. The US-based corporation’s first and second documents in the Neurology sector were the application and resulting patent for the electrode necessary for the ‘9505 device. Bose’s dedication to follow through with its first Neurology patent until it was granted, as well as their additional recent filing suggest the company sees a market opportunity for wearable neuromodulation devices.

Bose’s two main competitors have taken opposite approaches to seeking patent protection in the Neurology sector. Apple currently has no patents or applications in the sector, while Samsung has 7. All three of these corporations produce their own wearable audio devices, and so far Bose is the first to integrate audio devices with neuromodulation capabilities.

Make sure to check out the AI Biotech/Diagnostics: Neurology sector to see whether Bose continues to pursue this technology, and whether Apple joins the club.