Nex Team App Adds New Features. What’s its Goal?

Nex Team, an industry leader in the world of app-based basketball skills development, has been in a rapid growth stage for some time now, landing partnerships with basketball teams and leagues all over the United States.  Nex Team has already made a name for itself in the industry, partnering with the NBA and helping to conduct the NBA Draft Combine virtually in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  So what’s next for Nex Team? Its most recent patent application reveals functionalities that could revolutionize the app and help it gain implementations across all leagues, giving insight in the direction which they likely plan on taking the company.

The new functionality works on the company’s Homecourt app to track and assess multiple players while on the court at the same time by tagging the players in the frame at the beginning of the game. This allows the app to track stats in practice but also in games, providing coaches and players highly valuable data regarding in-game performance. Amateur and professional teams alike can constantly gather data about their in-game performance simply by recording play with a phone.

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