Patent Forecast Predicts GW Pharmaceuticals Acquisition

Wednesday’s news of GW Pharmaceuticals’ acquisition by Jazz Pharma for $7.2Billion may have taken you by surprise, but we were expecting M&A activity soon. After all, GW Pharmaceuticals has grown to become the largest patent holder in the US cannabis industry over the last 10 years. 

Our Patent Forecast® allows us to identify market and industry trends in real time using patent activity combined with market data. We have been following GW Pharmaceuticals for some time now. The company has focused much of its research and development on cannabis-based pharmaceuticals for epilepsy and rare diseases, taking advantage of strategic partnerships to fund projects. GW Pharmaceuticals’ efforts were awarded by receiving the first, and still, only, FDA approval for its cannabis-based medication. The consistent patenting of GW Pharmaceuticals, its ability to provide the market with a pharmaceutical product, and sales reports have all led GW Pharmaceuticals to its place at the forefront of the cannabis industry. 

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