Electric Vehicle Charging Settled with Causam Energy

You might know Causam Energy as the leader in energy financial settlement technology but power grid tech is not where it stops. Continuing its pursuit of empowering individuals on the grid, Causam Energy’s latest issued patent is for electric vehicle charging technology which facilitates electric vehicle charging through the use of an interactive software. The software allows a user to create a profile for their vehicle to control aspects of charging and the financial transaction. Users can locate nearby charging stations, reserve a charging station, and pay for their consumed electricity all through the software application. 

Electric vehicle use is growing faster than ever with more companies arriving to the scene every year. At the end of January 2021, General Motors announced it would be carbon neutral by 2040 and seeks to eliminate tailpipe emissions by 2035 in sight for an all-electric future. This comes after Ford and BMW’s announcements to reduce carbon emissions in the coming years. More automotive companies will be following suit and will reveal the true worth of the charging technology Causam Energy has invented. 

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