Patent data fills in the cracks where Google data lacks

This past week, Neurostim OAB Inc. had two more patent applications published in the AI Biotech/Diagnostic sector.  This brings their total document count to 10 applications, all of which were published after April 2020. While simply searching the company online provides little information (the company doesn’t have a website yet), patent data can tell us things Google can’t. For example, the patent data tells us that true to the company name, Neurostim OAB is developing technology to treat a variety of disorders using neurostimulation including Sleep Apnea, Incontinence, and even pain management.

Another interesting thing the Patent Forecast® tells us about Neurostim involves one of the named inventors, specifically Dr. Hoo-Min Toong. The former MIT professor is named on all of the Neurostim applications, and is the co-founder of IPVision, a consulting firm that links start-up companies with VC groups. This connection deduced from the patent data indicates Neurostim will have the connections from IPVision to ensure that it has the tools and resources needed to continue developing cutting-edge Neurostimulation technology. The progression of Neurostim is something any company involved in the Neurology sector should be monitoring over the next few months. Whether you are a well-established company in the field, or a start-up looking for the perfect time to enter the competition, it is always a good idea to have as much information about your competitors as possible. When regular news sources and internet searches fail, patent data can be relied on to fill in the cracks. Make sure to watch the AI Biotech/Diagnostics: Neurology Patent Forecast® over the next few weeks to monitor Neurostim and watch how the company builds their IP portfolio.  

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