When Sectors Collide: Cannabis meets AI Biotech/Diagnostics

There is no doubt that our interest in cannabis has grown in recent years. Every week we see new patent data in our Cannabis Patent Forecast®  that indicates that many companies are developing awesome new technologies associated with Cannabis. Particularly, we see a great deal of patent data related to medical uses, compositions, and processing. Occasionally we also see cannabis patent data cross into the AI Biotech/Diagnostic sector. However, one area that seems to lack in patent data in both the Cannabis and AI Biotech sectors relates to dosing. Hey Mary LLC’s first patent application appears to bridge this gap.

To do this, Hey Mary LLC does something we have not seen before in the Cannabis sector: incorporate AI technology and user medical data. Specifically, the application (U.S. Patent Pub. No. 2020372993) teaches a system, method, and apparatus for using AI to provide tailored dosages of various cannabis formulations based on a user’s medical profile. In a way, the application is more similar to the type of patents we generally see in the AI Biotech/Diagnostic sector, yet the end result is a tailored dosage of cannabis.

The system and method taught in the ‘993 application allows a user to input their personal medical data and then choose which desired effect of cannabis they are looking to achieve. Using AI, the system analyzes the user’s medical history, and then determines the exact amount and composition that should be consumed. The user then chooses whether they prefer the serving in solid or liquid form, and the apparatus taught in the ‘993 application dispenses accordingly.

This application is just one example of how seemingly different fields of patent technology can blend together to create something new and exciting. Make sure to check out our various Patent Forecasts®  to stay up to date on the most recent patent data. You never know when your technology will be used in an unexpected way!