Blackberry follows Toyota to Partner with Amazon to Create In-Vehicle Services. How Long Before LG Acts?

BlackBerry and Amazon are teaming up to create IVY, an operating system for in-car apps. IVY will combine BlackBerry’s automotive software expertise and AWS’s broad portfolio of services to enable automakers to create in-vehicle services. Amazon announced an expansion of a similar team-up with Toyota in August 2020. The question, though, is how long before Blackberry and everyone else will run afoul of LG’s massive portfolio? LG has been filing heavily in the V2X space for the last 3-4 years and appears to have shifted IP licensing strategy away from selling to NPEs toward out-licensing patents itself.  So, is their heavy patent filing strategy a function of this shift in IP strategy?  Are they creating the tools they need to win, one way or another, in the V2X market? Keep track by getting our Patent Forecast® for V2X