COCA-COLA picks partner for pollution-reduction. Our Patent Forecast® shows they could have done better.

Coca-Cola was named one of the world’s top plastic polluters. It is now trying to fix its pollution problem by collecting and recycling a bottle or can for every one it sells by 2030. Additionally, it has announced a paper bottle with its partner, Paboco. Is this the best solution for Coca-Cola?

The Biodegradable Patent Forecast® says that Coca-Cola should take a different direction. 

Paper Water Bottle, known for its compostable, biodegradable, and brandable paper water bottle appears to have a foothold in the sector.  Although, you wouldn’t know it by simply searching the USPTO patent database or Google because Paper Water Bottle’s patent portfolio is assigned to Double Double D, LLC. As shown in the Patent Radian below, Paper Water Bottle has many patents directed to or including material/compositions for a paper water bottle.  


Coca-Cola doesn’t have the time to sit around and wait for a fully developed prototype. Additionally, neither  Coca-Cola nor Paboco have any patent documents in the biodegradable packaging sector directed towards a paper water bottle! Therefore, Coca-Cola’s partnership may be limited to Paper Water Bottle due to Paper Water Bottle’s superior patent position in the sector. 

Coca-Cola should consider licensing Paper Water Bottle’s technology or acquiring Paper Water Bottle. Paper Water Bottle does license its technology, so that could be a speedy option for Coca-Cola to address its pollution problem.