FedEx Ships Dell as a Partner

FedEx and Dell recently announced a partnership to build a mini-datacenter that will help FedEx utilize edge computing for its logistics facilities. The goal is to expand the use of advanced robotics and automation, as well as more advanced tracking technologies. The partnership also includes Switch, a datacenter vendor.

This partnership comes even though Dell has a low profile in edge computing with only nine (9) patent documents within the last three years. This partnership could be a signal for things to come, and it would not be surprising to see Dell seek out startups that fit within its vision to acquire and build Dell’s patent portfolio. This move is also a sign that there are more large business partnerships to be made, as other shippers like UPS will look to compete and retailers that manage large amounts of shipments like Target will need to remain competitive. Because Amazon utilizes its own technologies to take advantage of the most cutting-edge technology, other retailers will have to move quickly to find companies and startups that can help them transition to these advanced capabilities in order to stay competitive.

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Three Year Snapshot of Edge Computing (Dell Highlighted)