No More Worrying About Door Knobs

Since the pandemic began, have you ever reached to open a door and been struck with a moment of fear, wondering: who else has touched this door knob and did they have COVID-19?  SnowCart may have the answer to assuage our fears with its new automatic door knob disinfector. SnowCart is an Arizona-based software company dedicated to online grocery delivery, founded in 2017. While a door knob disinfector seems fairly unrelated to that business model, SnowCart is only one of many companies looking to pivot to capitalize on COVID-19 related inventions. However, SnowCart may run into competition with some established players in the sanitation market, such as Kimberly Clark, which has produced an automatic door handle disinfector since at least 2012. Additionally, other new companies are seeking to enter the market as well, such as Clean Handle, a Swedish company that is already pursuing patent protection in Europe. 

However, as neither Kimberly Clark nor Clean Handle has yet to appear on our Pandemic Patent Forecast® with any automatic door knob disinfecting inventions, SnowCart may be able to seize the opportunity and beat the competition. Whoever wins the patent race, it’s comforting for all of us to know that, when it comes to opening doors, there will soon be a safe solution. 

For more updates on new entrants into the global health market, check out the free interactive visual Pandemics Patent Forecast® offered by Magic Number.

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