Using Neurostimulation to Replace Chemical Anti-Depressants

This past week, biotech-startup Inner Cosmos LLC had its first patent application publish (US Pat. Pub. No. 20200330749), and in doing so, joined the ever-growing neurostimulation market. The California-based startup is currently working on building a brain-computer interface to help treat mood disorders. According to the company’s website, Inner Cosmos hopes their technology will allow for the move from a “chemical pill to a hyper-personalized, precise, and subtle electricity-based pill that is a natural part of your brain communication.” 

Neurostimulation is a recently emerging field that we have seen a lot of patent activity in the past year. The technology has seen great potential in numerous fields including being used to enhance learning, reduce the effects of Parkinson’s, and even as a sleep disorder treatment. Inner Cosmos is hoping to tap into the neurostimulation market as a more personalized and more effective replacement for anti-depressants. With over 37 million people currently prescribed anti-depressants, the market is ripe for a more personalized treatment. The ‘0749 publication teaches the design of an intra-calvarial implant (ICI) which is responsible for monitoring brain activity, communicating with an external computer, and applying the neurostimulation via it’s one or more electrodes. 

Inner Cosmos still appears to be in the early stages of development, with only 1 patent application in the sector. Additionally, their website only provides limited information about either the company or its product. However, the company’s creators include multiple successful entrepreneurs who have created other biotech companies including Meta Glasses and ECoG. With the publication of their first application, it is expected that the company will likely be filing more and updating their website in the near future. To monitor the evolution of Inner Cosmos, and other biotech-startups, make sure to subscribe to the Magic Number® AI Biotech/Diagnostic Patent Forecast®. 

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