HP Focusing on Edge Acquisitions

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HP) was recently issued a patent for an Edge as a Service (EaaS) system, which includes a method for predicting availability of resources and automatically deploying distributed storage across different host locations. In 2018, HP invested $4B into Intelligent Edge services, with airports, university campuses, and smart vehicles as examples of sectors that could be revolutionized by HP’s technology. Since that announcement, HP has only filed three patent applications in edge computing, all focusing on vehicles as edge devices. 

Thus far, it seems that HP has been spending most of its investment on acquisitions, buying up big data startup MapR, cloud security company Scytale, and wide-area network company Silver Peak all within the past year. The deal for Silver Peak is reported to close later this year for $925M. Given that HP is not a leader in edge computing patents with only 10 documents, it may make more sense for the company to use its resources to accumulate new technology in other ways. You can view HP’s patent development as well as competitors with a larger presence in the sector at the Magic Number® Patent Radian®

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