CBD Could Help Treat COVID-19 Symptoms

In Brain, Behavior, and Immunity’s July issue, researchers from the University of Nebraska and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute have proposed that CBD could assist with the fight against the novel coronavirus. 

The novel coronavirus causes inflammation of the lungs and what researchers have called “a cytokine superstorm”. Therefore, drugs that limit the activity of cytokines, especially IL-6-cytokine, are being explored. 

Many anti-inflammatory drugs already exist, such as Tocilizumab which showed 90% patient recovery from COVID-19; however, undesirable side effects were also recognized such as inflammation of the pancreas and hypertriglyceridemia. 

That is where cannabis enters the discussion. With CBD’s known anti-inflammatory properties and little-known side effects, researchers suggest the cannabinoid could be the solution to inflammation of the lungs caused by COVID-19. 

Magic Number will be following and reporting on the use of cannabis for combating the novel 2019 coronavirus. At the date of this publication, neither the University of Nebraska nor the Texas Biomedical Research Institute has published patent documents relating to cannabis. Stay up to date with a subscription to the Magic Number® Patent Forecast®Cannabis Sector

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