Safer Ridesh’air’e with NuVinAir

With the country opening back up, people have started moving around again. That poses an important question on the risk of using ride-sharing services. On July 24, a COVID-19 death renewed the issues of ride-sharing drivers facing dangerous working conditions to make ends meet. While both Uber and Lyft have implemented safety measures regarding the coronavirus such as requiring drivers and passengers to wear masks, sanitizing the vehicle is solely the driver’s responsibility. Thus, there exists a need to reduce the risks of coronavirus exposure for ridesharing services to allow safe commute for passengers and drivers. 

Just this past week, NuVinAir published a novel application (U.S. Patent Application 20200231128) that could mitigate the risk of spreading contagious diseases in ride-sharing services or in any other enclosed spaces where microbial contaminations could linger. This application introduces an apparatus that is able to clean the surfaces by releasing a gaseous cleaning agent throughout the enclosable environment. NuVinAir has been at the forefront of ensuring healthier commutes since 2015 and with the addition of an EPA-approved product that is able to kill the coronavirus while guaranteeing the user’s safety, the product could become a necessity for transportation services in today’s climate. 

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