Targeted Therapies Using Cannabinoids

Targeted therapies using cannabinoids could be coming sooner than expected. Published this week was a patent (US Pat. 10,676,781) for functional ligands to THC using in particular synthesized nucleic acids to target THC, known as aptamers. Aptamers are powerful tools and can be utilized as sensors, targeted therapies or even to regulate cellular processes. 

The potential for targeted therapies using cannabis is quite vast as genetic therapies like CRISPR continue to make strides in the targeted therapies and personalized medicine research.

Patent ‚Äò781 is assigned to Base Pair Biotechnologies Inc., a world-leader in providing highly customized aptamer discovery and development services. Aptamer market size was valued at $723.6 million USD in 2016 and is projected to grow at CAGR of 28.2%, according to Grand View Research. Magic Number will be closely following the aforementioned technologies,  especially their use with cannabinoids as therapies and personalized medications. For a look at medicinal cannabis applications, subscribe to the Magic Number Cannabis Patent Forecast®.      

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