Cannabis Plant Literally Anyone Can Enjoy

Surfacing in this week’s patent application publishings is an application (U.S. Pub. No. 20200170162) for an ornamental cannabis cultivar named ‚ÄòDivina’. Divina is the product of a spontaneous mutation of a cannabis plant named ‚ÄòPilar’ and displays a characteristic “mottled yellow-and-green leaf” phenotype. 

Application ‚Äò0162 is assigned to Phytoplant Research SL, a plant research company that specializes in developing the industrial chain of medicinal plants from selection and breeding to registration. 

This new cultivar will allow everyone to enjoy cannabis (without needing to consume it) by appreciating the visual appearance!

Phytoplant Research is not new to the cannabis scene, with their first application published in 2016. For a deeper look into cannabis cultivation IP, subscribe to Magic Number’s Cannabis Patent Forecast®.

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