Home Security Service with Amazon Drones

Amazon‘s UAV-based surveillance service seems more desirable since package theft is at an all time high with 1.7 million packages lost or stolen daily in the U.S., along with the growing demand for contactless delivery due to social distancing and lockdowns. In 2019, Amazon was issued a patent (US Patent No. 10,313,638) that outlined UAV surveillance action with geo-fence data image creation. While some privacy concerns inhibit the use of delivery drones for surveillance, the patent describes how the geo-fencing technology would prevent capturing footage areas they are not supposed to capture, such as inside the homes through the windows. 

Currently, Alphabet Wing is leading in the drone delivery business and seeing a rough 350% increase in customers month-by-month. However, Amazon is also growing at a rapid rate and is currently ranked as the fourth largest U.S. shipping service. If Amazon’s new drone gets granted FAA approval to make deliveries in the US, Alphabet Wing would have a strong competitor in drone deliveries. 

UAVs have been utilized for military defense surveillance for quite some time, however companies such as Sunflower Lab and Nightingale Intelligent Systems are investigating how UAVs may be utilized for home security. Amazon is able to distinguish its UAV by blending the need for contactless deliveries and home security in one system.