Feel Secure With Robots

The physical security market is predicted to reach nearly $119.4 billion in 2023. Security robots are an innovative new tool in the industry that have the potential to deliver a range of safety and commercial benefits. Cobalt Robotics has issued a patent (US Patent No. 10,478,973) for mobile robot security enforcement in a commercial or industrial setting. The company is also backed by world-class investors including Sequoia Capital, Coatue, and Bloomberg Beta. 

One of Cobalt Robotics’s top competitors as of now is Knightscope, which has more than 50 robots deployed across the US. However, Knightscope robots have had multiple reports of malfunctioning such as running over a toddler or ignoring calls for help. This allows for Cobalt Robotics to revolutionize security service spaces with their unique human – in – loop model that allows Cobalt Robotics to stand out as a key players in the robot security market.