Managing an Entire Student Academic Life Cycle with a Blockchain Network

Oracle’s most recent patent application publication relates to generating and maintaining a student academic ledger using a blockchain network.

By constructing a student ledger, the system is able to include any and all academic updates a student may have. This provides greater flexibility, and enables shared control, over student data. All updates are accessible via the blockchain network, by both students and institutions that are members of the network.

While a student can set restrictions for the sharing of official records with other institutions, the network is able to place limitations on student permissions, including restricting editing and tampering with records written to the ledger. The result is an all-in-one, secure location for student records for the life cycle of every student.

Oracle is the holder of 17 patent and patent applications within the Cryptocurrency Sector, with the majority classified under both the “Blockchain” and “Topologies” sub-categories.

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