Leashes Aren’t Just for Dogs Anymore

Eyeverify, a biometric cybersecurity company, has received its 5th patent in the AI Cybersecurity sector. Their latest patent describes a bio leash for user authentication for mobile devices.

Typical techniques for authenticating users on mobile devices require users to re-enter passwords, PINs, perform specific gestures, or make use of biometric sensors. However, these requirements tend to frustrate users when multiple websites require separate authentication or where the mobile device has remained in the user’s possession.

Enter the bio leash. Eyeverify’s bio leash capture’s initial sensor data from a user device and, based on the device’s movement, a timer, or other triggering event, additional sensor data is received and evaluated. As a result of the evaluation process, a binding score is created, reflecting the probability of the device being in possession of the user. The binding score is used to continuously validate multiple device processes and applications. In addition, the bio leash enables users to specify individual thresholds for higher-security applications.

Eyeverify is the holder of 10 patents and patent applications in the AI Cybersecurity Sector, with the majority classified under the “Biometric” and “Activity Based” subcategories. In 2016, Eyeverify was acquired by Ant Financial and has since re-branded as ZOLOZ.

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