Using Imaging Profiling for Color Grading and Correction

Hancom Inc., an office suite software developer, just received a patent for a color grading and correction method that takes advantage of multiple primary colors.

Conventional image processing methods require the use of complex calculations, resulting in a large increase in the time required for processing. With these traditional methods, changing color information becomes time consuming and often results in an image with poorer quality and resolution when compared against the original image.

Hancom’s invention addresses these issues by generating a color table chart (CTC) corresponding to a look-up table (LUT). The CTC is used in conjunction with an image profile, created according to an initial image requiring color grading and correction. The image profile is compared against a database of images for a profile associated with a selected color grading and correction that a user wishes to apply to an image. A target image is created using the matching profile and the image is transformed.

This patent represents Hancom’s first patent in the Multi-Primary Color Sector, categorized under the “Correction” subcategory.

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