NTT + Toyota = $1.8 Billion Investment for Smart City Development

NTT and Toyota have just entered into a deal relating to the development of smart city technologies, as well as investment opportunities for each company. This deal represents a long-term commitment to commercialize smart city businesses and develop a smart city platform. Also, the current agreement enables Toyota to take a 2.07% stake in NTT, with NTT acquiring 0.9% of Toyota.

This deal comes only a few months after Toyota’s announcement for the construction of a smart city at the base of Mount Fuji. Toyota’s current IP in the Edge Computing sector relates primarily to smart street functionalities, communications, and smart metering using blockchain technologies. Toyota looks to be leveraging NTT’s telecommunications expertise, along with its smart city development experience.

Toyota’s hold in the Edge Computing sector is represented by only 9 patents and patent applications, with a heavy focus on smart city technologies.

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